Things to Know About Sports Betting in New Zealand

Things to Know About Sports Betting in New Zealand

Gambling is a part of the local traditions in New Zealand today and is, in fact, a growing market. While NZ regulations do not allow any sports betting or casino sites to operate on the country’s territory, the locals are free to join the international casinos and sports betting sites. Locals majorly choose the UK-regulated sportsbooks as they feel their sites are more professional and quicker. Today, NZ’s best sportsbook can provide live betting options, desktop and mobile versions, and a news platform to stay updated with sports. Before you start betting on golf or any other game from New Zealand, here are the things you should know.

New Zealand Sports betting legality

Sports betting is legal in New Zealand. While it is still an unregulated market, the locals are free to play wagers in the market. The only sports betting sites that can be illegal are the ones that are getting operated in the NZ territory. All international platforms can run freely. It is important to learn about the platform you are planning to play. The platform must be regulated by an authority to make sure that it offers responsible betting and security to your account.

The brick and mortar casinos in NZ also offer sports betting opportunities to the guests. These betting systems are handled by the NZ Gambling Commission and the NZ Department of Internal Affairs. The Sky City Auckland and Queensland, and Christchurch Casino are some of the seven casinos in NZ where you can enjoy sports betting.

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Safety of Online Sportsbooks in New Zealand

There are plenty of online sportsbooks available in New Zealand that try to promote themselves by giving away bonuses and attractive features. But you should be looking out for platforms that provide the most information about their books and their security. The regulations permit locals to use online betting sites, but they can only do it on the off-shore betting sites. Choose your sportsbook carefully as you will not be able to report any scams to the local security in case an off-shore website is faulty. This is why every new bettor in New Zealand needs to make sure that his choice for a sportsbook is safe.

Deposit and withdrawal

Just like the rest of the world, NZ offers multiple payment options from Visa and Mastercards to cryptocurrencies. Many NZ bettors like to use POLI, the Australian payment method. Since NZ receives the best sports betting sites from the world, players are guaranteed to receive multiple payment options. Once they make the choice of a sportsbook, they can make instant payments with some of the methods while others can take some time. There is no need to be playing with a private id in NZ as sports betting is legal. In Japan, the players require a completely anonymous account to play online since sports betting and casino game websites are banned in Japan.

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