The Most Popular Sports to Bet On in New Zealand

The Most Popular Sports to Bet On in New Zealand

New Zealanders love to gamble as evidenced by statists that show that in general most gamblers spend around $572 per year. And while many restrict their gambling to the lottery or pokies in bars and restaurants, there is a great deal of sports gambling as well. Here’s a rundown of the most popular sports betting in New Zealand.

Horse Racing and Greyhound racing

Of course, officially, the biggest sports betting in New Zealand takes place through the New Zealand Racing Board, the TAB. The TAB is a statutory monopoly, and on average, Kiwis spend around $80 of their $572 on the TAB betting on either the ponies or the race dogs. But, as New Zealanders are not restricted from betting on sports at an online casino, and coupled with the fact that there is no income tax on winnings, there are plenty of other sports that people bet on (unofficially) that are not in those official state figures.


Rugby is by far the favourite sport in New Zealand, being pretty much the national sport. There are dozens of Rugby teams to bet on in New Zealand and lots of clever casinos will offer to take your bets.


One of the most popular sports in the world, cricket is really big in New Zealand, and when a sport is popular, you can bet there will be plenty of betting action on it. There are dozens of casinos waiting to take your bets on cricket.


In many countries like the United States, netball is not a popular sport, but in the 15 commonwealth countries, which naturally include New Zealand, netball is quite a popular spot. Played with 7 players, not five, the game is somewhat similar to basketball but there is no dribbling, no running, and no backboard. Players need to pass the ball within 3 seconds. Netball is quite popular in New Zealand, and you can find innumerable sportsbooks that will take your bets on a Netball game.


Basketball is a game that is intensely popular throughout the world, and since 2013, basketball has been New Zealand’s this most popular sport. New Zealand has only one professional team the New Zealand Breakers who compete in the Australian National Basketball League, but 9 teams compete in the semi-professional winter National Basketball League of New Zealand. So there is plenty of basketball action to bet on here. And if none of these is your cup of tea, there is always plenty of American NBA games or European games.


Football is far and away from the most popular sport in the world. More money is bet on football than any other sport in the world. As far as New Zealand is concerned, ever since New Zealand qualified and did extremely well in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the sport has vaulted into high-gear popularity.

Auto Racing and motorcycle racing

Auto Sports racing takes place all over the world and so too is there plenty of auto racing in New Zealand. The New Zealand Grand Prix, once a part of the regular Formula 1 circuit is probably the most popular, followed by the stock car racing and dirt racing. There are 24 stock car racing tracks across New Zealand dozens of dirt car tracks. Naturally, you can bet on all the action at most casino sportsbooks. There is also plenty of motorcycling racing in Kiwi land, with the majority of the races being motocross.


Readers of this blog will know that there are many golfing enthusiasts in New Zealand. The Kiwi Pro Golf tour boasts hundreds of pro golfers as does the Professional Golf Association of New Zealand. So if you love golf, there are plenty of Kiwi players to bet on.


There are a few hundred avid tennis pros in New Zealand, and mind you that most of them are spread around the world, with the top tennis pro living in New Zealand only ranking at number 360. Nevertheless, tennis is a very popular, big-money sport, and there is plenty of sportsbook action on tennis.

Skiing and snowboarding

New Zealand has plenty of snow, and where there is snow there are professional skiers and snowboarders. And like any other sport, you can definitely get in on the betting action. Many sportsbooks offer several different types of bets such as head-to-head betting.

Pro surfing

Finally, there is pro surfing. New Zealand has some of the best surf in the world, and there are more than a dozen surfers that would certainly qualify as world-class surfer. Just a cursory look at sports betting sites shows that it’s quite easy to bet on surfing, though hard to pick a winner.

James M. Rael